Motorcycle tires are like oil, everyone’s got an opinion about which one is best, but none of them are necessarily right…or wrong. What makes that discussion a little easier when it comes to rubber, though, is that tires can have far more of a noticeable impact on your bike’s performance, whether you race professionally, ride on the street occasionally or like to chew up the dirt on weekends.

One company that offers some of the broadest choices of motorcycle tires is Bike Bandit. We like that their site is easy to use, they have handy guides to help you pick out the right tire and even change them, and each tire has some brief information about their optimum use.

Formula One World Championship, Rd9, German Grand Prix, Practice, Nurburgring, Germany, Friday 5 July 2013.

Take the company’s Pirelli line, for instance, where there’s a tire for nearly every conceivable type of bike and riding condition. That includes 24 different street tires, 16 different versions for dirt, and 15 options for dual sport riding. Prices and accompanying discounts are clearly marked, with pricing about 30% to 40% off of list.

Let’s say you want to buy the Pirelli Sport Demon. Bike Bandit’s price runs from just over $100 to about $122 a piece (depending on size), and here’s what you’ll see in terms of product description on the site:

“The Pirelli Sport Demon offers uniform and progressive performance in all riding conditions thanks to the rear multi-radius profile. New compound provides high grip on wet and dry surfaces with excellent mileage. A safe and reliable tire in all riding situations, with a great cost/quality ratio suitable for Sport Touring motorcycles.”

And if Pirelli isn’t your brand of choice, Bike Bandit offers other major brands, including Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, and Metzler.

But Bike Bandit isn’t just about tires. They also offer riding gear, OEM parts, and an assortment of tools and liquids. We’ll take a closer look at those another time.