Indian keeps introducing new variations on a theme and these two new Chieftans are fine examples. The one on the left is the Chieftan Elite. The one of the right is the Chieftan Limited. It’s a bit of a naming quirk because the Elite is really the limited version since Indian is only making 350 of these.

There are no engine upgrades with either model. It’s all cosmetic. But that’s what motorcycle manufacturers do. Gone from these two Chieftans are the valanced front fender and the bulky seats. There’s also a 19″ wheel up front that replaces the stock 16″ found on the other Chieftan models. The light bezels on both models are painted to match the fairing, and the Elite has a few other farkles.

But what makes the Elite model really unique is the paint job. Each bike is hand painted, so 25 hours of red and marble accents later you’ll own a one of a kind since there’s no machine laying a hand on this bike’s finish.

The Chieftan Limited sells for south of $24,500 and the Chieftan Limited lists for just under $31,500. Start saving now!