We met up with some southern California friends of ours not long ago and started talking about routes down there, and Mother’s came up. So we felt obliged to re-run this piece we did on them almost a year ago.

Mother’s Kitchen near San Diego may not have the same history or mystique as it’s distant cousin, Alice’s Restaurant in the Bay Area, but it attracts a similar crowd of bikers and sports car nuts who race through the twisties and sweepers on either side of Palomar Mtn. to get there.

Serving your typical omelettes and egg dishes for breakfast (weekends only), and sandwiches and burgers for lunch, there’s nothing special here other than the ride up and the scenery when you get to Mother’s at the crest. The food is decent, but you won’t go away hungry or wondering if the $10 Tres Amigos scramble or $9.00 double decker club was worth it.

They’re closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but open 9-4 Saturday/Sunday and 11-4 Monday, Thursday and Friday.