Arlen Ness new sidecar project

Orange Country Choppers was a great show — the first couple of years. But their bikes were over-designed and the family interactions got to be way over the top, so we (and evidently tens of thousands of others) stopped watching. Having bought two bikes from Arlen Ness’ place in the last seven years, and knowing what a family-run business it is, we often wondered what a show featuring Arlen, son Cory and grandson Zach would have been like. Probably pretty tame in comparison to the Teutules.

Luckily, tame is not how you’d describe the work of Arlen.

While custom-made choppers with raked out fronts and big-ass back ends have gone out of favor, being replaced by cafe racers, bobbers, dirt trackers, etc., you still have to admire Arlen’s work for its design and creativity. He’s been at it for over 40 years, and he’s now firmly entrenched at Victory motorcycles so he must be doing something right. One look at some of his “classics” below and you’ll notice he’s never been afraid to try something new and never got too locked into a particular style — ’nuff said.

Low slung



Mach Ness