It took over two years to collect 50 stories about different riders from around the US, Canada, Great Britain and, yes, even New Zealand. All of them are now available in one great collection — Asphalt & Dirt — Life on Two Wheels.

For those who may be new to this site or only followed along on occasion, these are the stories that originally appeared in our ‘We Ride’ section. They tell the tales of builders, bikers, artists, adventurers and everyday riders who have made motorcycles a significant part of their lives. And you don’t have to love motorcycles to appreciate their stories.

We’ve made it really easy to make this book yours or get one for a friend or significant other. For those who like real books, the texture of the paper, and the feel of turning a page, you can buy Asphalt & Dirt – Life on Two Wheels in print at Road Dog Publications for a mere $22.95. If reading by Kindle or Nook is more your speed, you can buy the e-version of Asphalt & Dirt – Life on Two Wheels at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble for $9.99.

Thanks for your support and happy reading!