Last year, we profiled Lee Block, president of RacerGloves USA. A few days after we met up with him to get a better sense of his business and the RacerGloves line, he was kind enough to give us a pair of the RacerGloves Grip model to review. Since then, we can honestly say that every time we put them on, we’re hard pressed to want to take them off. Yes, they’re that comfortable.

Introduced in 2015, the Grip uses goatskin in all of the right places and an additional leather palm patch of Pittards® leather for that extra bit of protection and durability. The same SuperFabric® found in Held gloves and used by BMW Motorrad is used by RacerGloves to cover the soft protectors at the back of the fingers and on strategic parts of the palm.

Perforations in the fingers, wrist and gauntlet, and a built-in vent at the back of the glove toward the wrist keep your hands from getting sweaty in really warm weather or in stressful riding conditions. (Like a two-hour, lane-splitting fun zone in the Bay Area!)

Depending on what you ride and where, RacerGloves describes the Grip as a two to three season glove. We’ve ridden it in near 80 degree weather and temps in the low 50s, and we concur.

Gloves are one of those necessities that most riders don’t pay enough attention to. Put something over your digits and palms and you think you’re good to go. But opinions change when you’re sliding across the dirt or asphalt and that cheap ass leather glove gives you about as much protection as a pair of silk liners. The RacerGloves Grip lists at $159.99 and that’s not a bad price considering your hands are probably worth a lot more.