A picture might be worth a thousand words, but video can be worth millions. When we first heard about this Husky, we wondered if any claims that it could be a near perfect dual sport were grounded in reality. But a look at what the rider on this one does with it kills any questions about those claims.

Granted it doesn’t have the size, range and extras of the big mileage killers made by BMW, KTM and even Triumph and Ducati, but how often do most of us have the time or means to trek half way across the state, let alone a continent or the world.

The 701 appears to give you the options we think most riders would be looking for in a daily dual sport rider – quick get away from the city, town or burbs and into the nearest country, forest or hilly dirt road. Check out the video to see what we’re talking about.

Photo and video courtesy of Husqvarna