Aprilia recently unveiled four new versions of their V4 lineup at the International Motorcycle Show in Chicago, and every single one of them is a thing of beauty. Intent to continue to take on Ducati, and the Japanese race bikes, Aprilia has made a number of refinements to the following models that could make each worth considering, depending on how your tastes run and your wallet fills up.

The RSV4 RF (pictured above) gets a more sophisticated suspension system, and the latest generation Öhlins NIX unit and TTX shock absorber that offers increased reaction time. It also comes with an adjustable Öhlins steering damper. The new RSV4 also gets an improved set of Brembos to bring this beauty to a stop — a pair of new 5 mm thick steel discs with diameter increased to 330 mm and monobloc M50 callipers. This is a $23,000 head turner. 

Spend about $6,000 less and you can own the RSV4 RR (pictured above), which comes equipped with all of the electronic, engine and brake upgrades on the RSV4 RF. As standard equipment, it also has features which were once exclusive to the Factory version, such as magnesium external housings, oil sump and head covers and a wide range of chassis adjustments.

For sheer hooliganism and wheelie popping fun, we’re partial to the to two Tuonos. The Tuono Factory (pictured above) is basically a naked version of the RSV4 RF. It’s going to set you back about $17,500. For about $2500 less, you can get the Tuono V4 1100 RR (featured image), which gets the improved braking system and a few other performance improvements.

Expect to see all four bikes in dealers sometime in March. But they will no doubt take your deposit now!