Pretty soon the weather will start getting warmer, and that means bugs…splattered all over windshields and visors. Better to get prepared now than wait!

There are any number of products and home brewed techniques for cleaning them away, but we found Cycle Wipes (thanks to our friend Lee Block of RacerGloves USA) does the trick better than most.

They come packaged in a resealable container, so there are no bulky rags and cleaner to carry with you or to take up room in a garage. Each wipe is a modest 4″ x 8″  when unfolded, but that’s big enough to clean a visor or a windshield. Fold it back up and clean your headlights and turn signals.

Cycle Wipes is mostly water and a gentle “sudsy” cleaning solution, so no ammonia that can damage plastic, acrylic, and glass. And once you’ve used one wipe, let it dry and use it for buffing.

The company does give this bit of advice on how best to use this handy product.

“It is best to lay the wipe directly on the visor for a few minutes and let the solution soften up the dried bugs.  Wiping vertically is highly recommended because over time, no matter how careful you are, you will get micro scratches. If you do get a vertical scratch your eyes will look around it but with a horizontal scratch, your eyes will track it side to side.”

Good to know, no matter what you use to clean nasty dirt and bugs away.

We also looked for some images related to Cycle Wipes and found people using them to clean chains, bicycle parts and just about anything where a good wipe was needed.

You can get a pack of 12 Cycle Wipes from RacerGloves USA for $8.50 or set up an account at Cyclewipes and buy them in bulk. How long they last depends on how much riding you do, how many bugs you encounter, and just how clean you like to keep the parts you need to see through.