Ahh, Mexican food. It usually comes in three varieties: Great, Good and Terrible. Casa Ramos is north of Great. Serving up great dishes made from recipes that have been around the Ramos family a few generations, they offer portions that could fill the pie hole of the hungriest biker. That’s their chicken taquito platter pictured above.

There are 14 Casa Ramos locations scattered throughout Northern California — including the original location in Yreka.

You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but we’re partial to the Molcajete. It’s basically a chicken and beef stew with mushrooms, onion, tomato and jalapeño peppers. It comes with soft corn or wheat flour tortillas so you can eat it like a taco, too. Plus, we just like the way it sounds.

Unfortunately, there are none in the Bay Area, so if you’re in SF, you’ll have to head east where you can find six in the greater Sacramento area.