With Spring right around the corner, ADV riding isn’t too far behind. We’ve run this post before, but thought it worth running again.

Guest post by Ralph Rodriguez

As I get more into off road riding I find that one of the biggest similarities is like what I carry in a road pack — a knife, an emergency phone charger, water, and a puncture kit. When I’m riding with the kids we also wear hydration bags with the above mentioned items, including some rope and a lighter. The kids all have flashlights.

But I know this is not enough. So, I asked Jeff Moffet, owner of Oregon Motorcycle Adventures, who’s done ADV tours for many years, what else I should be carrying in a tail bag or fender bag. Here’s what he suggests:

MAXXIS_TUBES-900389353Extra tube – instead of carrying a front and back tube, Jeff says you only need a front tube in your kit. He explains” You can use a front tube in a rear tire in a pinch, but you can’t use a rear tube in a front tire because of the size difference” $16-$22



super_siphon_hoseFuel hose or Super Siphon – one of the most hated jobs is siphoning fuel. But if you carry a 3-foot piece of fuel line or better yet a super siphon, it makes the job doable. Jeff says if you position the donor bike above the other bike you can let gravity do all the work. $13.95


0000-Moose-Racing-Ty-er-Iron-MCSSSpoons – a good set of spoons will go a long way. Jeff suggest the TY-ER Irons by Moose Racing $32.95 sold in pairs



Zip ties and Electrical tape – do I really need to explain?

toolkitTool kit – something is better than nothing. If your bike didn’t come with a tool kit, Jeff recommends the Cruz Tool’s Econokit DLX Toolkit. $64.99



Moose tool kitC02 Flat kit – try the Moose Tire Repair kit. It has everything you need to repair and inflate your tire on the road or trail, and comes in a padded nylon zippered carrying case that easily stores inside a fanny pack or tool bag. Each cartridge produces 8-9 psi 4″ inflator hose that accepts threaded cartridges only. Replacement threaded cartridges are available $36.99


2011-Moose-Racing-Dual-Sport-Fender-Pack-BlackKTM Hydration bagBag – Here we show the Moose Fender Bag and the Ogio KTM Hydration pack with room for everything mentioned above.


Ralph Rodriguez is host of 2Wheelpodcast.com, General Manager of Oregon Motorcycle Adventures in Southern Oregon, an avid track day attendee, and dual sport enthusiast.