This is motorcycling’s version of The Little Engine That Could. So it’s not big, it doesn’t go fast, and it may not win races. But it has created a small legion of enthusiasts that love it’s big heart in a small package.

Coming in at a surprising 225 lbs., and carrying a 125 cc engine that puts out about 9 bhp, the Grom also sports hydraulic brakes, an LED brake light, and a projector-style headlamp for better night vision. You’ll probablyl top out at 55 mph, but we’ve heard some have gotten it closer to 60. All that for a base price just south of $3200.

Of course, you could pay that for a good used bike that might have more bells and whistles. But for anyone just wanting a little grin now and then or need to start small before going big, the Grom is it.

Here are some examples of owners that have turned their Groms into the Little Bike That Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be.