This article first ran in our 9/23/2015 issue. We thought it was worth running again.

Since launching Asphalt & Dirt, we’ve concentrated most of our routes and trails in the U.S. But we’ve picked up quite a few European, Australian, Canadian and South American followers. So we figured it was time to look outside our borders and go elsewhere…to Spain or Mallorca, to be exact. Hell, the weather’s better than excellent, scenery is varied and there are no major economic or political issues — that we could find – to make us go elsewhere.

Keep in mind, Mallorca is an island off the east coast of Spain so you’ll have to take the ferry to get there. But Palma is the capital and a major port so that shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s a brief description of the route at a point between Palma and  Soller courtesy of Best Biking Roads:

“This is the old road over the mountain (not the new Ma-11 that goes through a tunnel) from Soller in the North towards Palma in the South (or vice versa if you ride it the other way). A superb mountain pass in every way, with a cafe at the top that serves excellent meat pies. Hairpins all the way, and very little traffic as it all uses the tunnel.  And a video to give you a taste of this route:

And here’s the  route that takes up the middle of the main route between Palma and Soller. Drop us a line if you get there before we do!

Screen Shot 2015-09-19 at 1.16.48 PM