Sometimes the ride just doesn’t allow for a long leisurely lunch. Especially if you’re out on an Iron Butt and trying to rack up the miles or you’re in the freakin’ boonies on your dirt bike losing track of time. Most energy bars are loaded with crap or taste like it…or both. So what’s the alternative? Try these Whole Food Bars from EcoTrek. 

They sent us a few samples awhile back and after the first bite, we quickly devoured two of them. And we weren’t even out on a ride! We’re eyeing everyone suspiciously who is trying for the third. The label says each one is “packed with six servings of fruits & vegetables.” But there’s enough chocolate in there to make you think you’re eating dessert instead of a vegan’s version of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can order online — six bars in a box for $14 and that includes shipping anywhere in the US. But trust us, you’ll go through those six bars damn fast, whether you’re riding or not. Bulk order inquiries can be directed to Early stocking stuffers if you can keep from eating them yourself.

If you have a favorite place to eat or a favorite snack to eat while you’re riding, we’d like to hear about it. Email us at