We’ve all done it. You come to a red light stop and as soon as the bike is at a standstill you drop one or both arms. Sometimes just to take the weight off if you’re riding a crotch rocket, sometimes just because. But, guess what, you do that in the rain enough times and all of that water that runs down the sleeves of your jacket ends up running into your gloves. Do this enough times and you’ll have wet gloves and hands. No fun!

Here are two tips from Aerostich to keep that from happening; 1) instead of lowering your arms at stoplights, fold them across your chest or lay them on your tank bag; 2) If you wear rain covers over your gloves, tuck them inside the sleeves of your jacket instead of pulling them over your sleeves.

As for the rest of your body, get a decent rain suit and boot covers or water proof your boots if the covers aren’t your thing.