That’s right, 262 of them. Yeah, we know, now may not be the time to ride in Canada, but it’s never too late to start planing for one. We found this list thanks to Best Biking Roads, so we’ll be poring over this over the next several weeks to see if a trip north might not be in order by this summer.

Some of the routes dip down into the northern parts of the U.S., and the list is decidedly devoid of any in the central provinces of Canada. We were particularly intrigued by one that heads up out of Montreal and ends just north of Fort George on Hudson Bay.

The map on the site isn’t interactive so you have to spend some time hunting through the different routes to finally find the one you want. And most of those that go through any part of Quebec are going to be in French. Break out the translator! But since the routes are coming directly from Canadian bikers, you know they’ve already been tested and ridden by the people who liked them enough to want to share.

BTW – the picture is of the Jacques-Cartier National Park in the southern part of Quebec.