Drayko jeans of Australia may well be the best motorcycle jeans for the money for anyone who wants a helluva lot of protection without dressing up in a leather monkey suit to get it. Thanks to our friend, Joe Distefano at ProMarket Power Sports, he was able to land us a pair of Drayko HoleShot jeans so we could find out for ourselves.

Designed to look and wear like regular jeans, Drayko jeans are lined with both DuPont Kevlar and Dyneema, which is billed as the world’s strongest material. It’s evidently been proven to be 15 times stronger than steel, depending on the application. The result are jeans that can last up to 2.5 times longer in a crash than leather and most linings found in other motorcycle jeans. That means that if you come off your bike and slide on pavement, chances are pretty high you’ll stop sliding before your Draykos will wear through to your skin.

The three big issues we have with some motorcycle jeans are the weight, heat dissipation and looks. Some jeans are heavy and ugly, light and offer no protection, or are just plain uncomfortable. It’s tough to find a balance. The Drayko Holeshot jeans are just right.

Let’s take weight. We’re not going to lie. These are probably the heaviest motorcycle jeans you will ever own. Chalk it up to the double helping of Kevlar and Dyneema protection. But don’t let the weight trick you into thinking that they’ll be uncomfortable in hot weather. We recently wore these in 100 degree heat and were off the bike through most of it. While they got toasty, they unbelievably never had us so uncomfortable we wanted to rip them off. The breathable lining helps.

And the protection doesn’t stop at the lining. Drayko includes a set of CE approved knee and hip armor with handy “pockets” for easy insertion.

We also liked the way they fit. They didn’t bunch up around the waist or sag in the crotch. They fit like jeans. And the cool thing Drayko added is a built-in stirrup to hook around the bottom of your boot so they don’t ride up your leg. So no oddly designed mom jeans here!


Another plus is they didn’t bleed when we washed them. That may not be the case over time, so we’ll be interested to see how the color holds up over time.

This level of quality and protection doesn’t come cheap. At $400-plus for the Hole Shots you might have to save up a bit before buying a pair. But once you get them, you won’t need anything else. You can find Drayko jeans at most online motorcycle gear retailers like Revzilla, Motorcycle Superstore and Bike Bandit.