When this bike first came out in 2008, there were open jaws, lots of jeers, and a collective head scratching from most of the motorcycle community. Designed for Victory by legendary custom bike builder Arlen Ness, the Victory Vision resembled something from either the future or a 1930’s sci fi movie.

If you look at some of the super-tricked out bikes Ness has designed in the past, you can see what inspired the Vision.


arlenness 2

yellow ness

The styling of the Vision hasn’t changed much since it was first introduced. There have been slightly stripped down versions – the 8 Ball – and others that came with the rear trunk standard and others that didn’t. Its ride has been compared to something akin to a Barcalounger on two wheels to the biggest sportbike you’ll ever lean into a corner. (We once met a guy who rode his Vision like a sportbike and went through a set of floorboards about every six months.)

Harley purists take note — Hell’s Angel icon, Sonny Barger, owns one and supposedly swears by it.







Photo courtesy V-Twin Forum.