We originally wrote about Alice’s in one of our first issues. Since we’re sending you there in this issue’s Favorite Routes, we thought it worth a re-run.


Alice’s Restaurant in Woodside, CA is an institution in the motorcycle and car world. But contrary to urban legend, this Alice’s is not the subject of the famous Arlo Guthrie song of the same name. That would be a different restaurant once owned by Alice Brock and located on the other coast in Massachusetts.

What is true is that on any given summer weekend you’ll see just about everything on two wheels you can imagine – from old Nortons to the latest Ducatis, from Harley’s with sidecars to dual sport adventure bikes. Then there’s the stuff on four wheels – Lotus’, Porsches, Lambos and, of course, Teslas (Silicon Valley isn’t far away).



We’re partial to breakfast which means great omelettes, pancakes and waffles. But if you’re there for lunch, you’ll have to choose between burgers (16 named after different motorcycles!), sandwiches and salads. Simple and easy, just the way we like it!

Got a favorite place to eat when you’re out on the road? Send a pic and what makes it your favorite to info@asphaltanddirt.com