We went local and thought that Giusti’s on the California Delta was a fine place to send you for some good cooking and a waterside locale.


At some point, you may find yourself riding along the 160 as it sidles up along the Delta between Sacramento and the eastern burbs of San Francisco. And when you do, you’re going to wonder ‘where the hell do you eat without stopping to freakin’ fish?’ Well, wonder no more and make sure you try Giusti’s Place, a fourth generation establishment that’s worth the slight side trip to get there.

It’s just east of Walnut Grove situated at the cross section of Walnut Grove-Thornton Road (a one way road) and N. Walnut Grove Rd (J11). If you blink more than once you might miss it. And if faded roadside signs and a slightly worn look to the building make you wonder about the establishment, you’ll miss out entirely. Hats and caps add to the uniqueness of the place.

giustis Giustis2


Anything! Literally. Everything is homemade and every order comes with soup, bread and your choice of red or white wine. First time we tired this place, we asked, “Who ordered the wine?” Turns out Giusti’s did.

Want to know more? Here’s a brief lunch menu description:

“Most entree items are served with either rice pilaf, Portuguese style beans, polenta or French fries. All of the items are served with Pugliese bread, our house wine, upon request (Burgundy or Chablis), as well as our “famous” Minestrone soup, unless house salad is requested instead. Dishes range from $12.50 – $16.75.”