We recently read an article about the rate of motorcycle thefts and recoveries by state in the U.S. Unfortunately, we live in the worst state possible for both – high rate of thefts and low rate of recovery. Yes, that would be California. So how to keep the thieves from grabbing your prized two-wheeler?

Locks are a good first line of defense. But those vary and sometimes you may not have one. So here are a few tips, most of which seem like common sense, but we all need a good reminder now and then.

  • Hide it if you aren’t riding it. If you have a garage or shed, use the damn thing and put your bike out of sight!
  • Keep it where you can see it. Road trips mean stops and stops mean you have to leave your bike somewhere. If you stop to eat, park it by the restaurant window. If you stop to leak, park it where everyone else can see it. If it’s dark, park it as close to a well lit area as possible.
  • Kill the switch. A hidden kill switch can stop sticky fingers from hotwiring your bike. Don’t want to go that far. Pull a spark plug wire or even the spark plug itself.
  • Make some noise. An alarm can work wonders. It’s even better if they also come with above mentioned kill switch.
  • Box it in. If you can wedge your bike into a small gap or space between two buildings or structures of some sort, that’s way better than leaving your ride out in the open.

When you’re out on the road and all else fails, try parking it in your motel room. Of course, this means some sneaky after dark work, but the worst that can happen is that someone tells you to take it outside.