There’s not a biker alive that will tell you, truthfully, that the bike they have is the only bike they’ve ever wanted or that they’ve owned the perfect bike. We’ve met guys who have one bike who wish they had two, and others who have 16 and wish they had one more. And for the non-bikers who have to ask “Why do you want two bikes?” the given response is, “Because we can’t have three!”

But we’ve all had our favorites and for varying reasons. We know they’re not perfect, but we think they’ve come pretty close. How can you tell? Because at some point after you’ve sold it, traded it in, given it away, you wish you hadn’t.

We could start with a lot of bikes, but here’s one most wouldn’t think of — the BMW featured here. It’s since been lapped by many other sport touring bikes – including by BMW – but when the R1100S came out, here’s what one of the critics said:

“The 1085cc mill is the most powerful production Boxer ever, pumping out a claimed 98bhp at the rear wheel. It delivers lusty torque from 4000rpm and keeps on pulling past 8000. Power delivery is so silky that you can keep it wound on through the twisties.”

The one pictured here earned the L (for limited) due to a bunch of carbon fiber parts, and the A for ABS. This bike could carve canyons and carry a load. It was sold to a guy who loved and cared for both Beemers and Harleys. It went to a good home. We wish it was back in ours.

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