You see guy’s on baggers riding around with “blade” windshields and you wonder just how much wind could those be deflecting away from your piehole and noggin. Well, we got a chance to find out for ourselves when National Cycle sent us their VStream Low to put on our Victory Cross Country.

Granted this is not a true blade design — it’s a bit taller and it doesn’t have a flat front finish, but it gave us a good idea as to why this style is popular.

First off, this is an easy to mount replacement for your stock windshield. Just unscrew the mounting screws that came with the original, pull that windshield off and put it away, then slip the VStream Low in its place. Screw the original screws with the rubber washers back into the same holes and you’re good to go.

Since we mounted the VStream Low on the same type of Victory as the one featured on the National Cycle website, we were pleased as hell when it looked just as badass in person as it does on the web! We couldn’t wait to get it out for a wind test.

2016-06-20 19.56.04

National Cycle doesn’t make any claims about this particular model eliminating any buffeting, so you’re going to get some. Afterall, the average rider is going to be sitting up looking out over that tinted piece of polycarbonate that peaks out at 8.25 inches in height, so the middle to top part of your head and helmet are going to take the brunt of any wind. But considering how low this windshield is, we were amazed at how little turbulence we felt and how quiet it kept the cockpit. We were able to keep the stereo rockin’ at the same level we would have had it at with a higher windshield.

What we particularly liked about the VStream Low is how the design follows the lines of the bike’s faring. It created a much more finished look than other windshields that might be less concerned with that level of detail. And because it’s made of 4.5 mm think polycarbonate, it feels substantial.

2016-06-20 19.54.50

For just under $160 (excluding tax and shipping), you’ll get a windshield that will not only bring out the badass in your bike, but keep your head from feeling like a bobble head in a pickup with no suspension.