One of the biggest pain in the asses of riding in California (maybe the only one next to incoherent cagers and potholes), is the huge variations in temperature you’ll hit on any given day. So you have to dress in layers, which means periodically stopping to take off or put on one. Leather is bulky and heavy. Textiles can let too much air in – not good when the temp stays in the 50s or lower. So what’s a good, light, protective piece of gear that can give you some options?

Get a Go Go Gear hoodie! And layer underneath it.

Don’t confuse this with a stock hoodie from your nearest sporting goods store. This thing’s got armor in all the right places (elbows, shoulders and back), kevlar inner lining in the back and the back of the sleeves, and zippered underarm vents. Zippered, extra deep side pockets give you a secure place to put your keys, wallet or whatever. There’s also an inner pocket with a velcro flap but it’s not wide enough to put more than maybe a narrow pair of glasses.

We wore this over a long-sleeved t-shirt and wind shirt on a day that never broke 55 degrees until early afternoon and were never cold. Once it warmed up, the wind shirt got stashed away and the Go Go Gear Hoodie did its job. The ribbed knit cuffs were a bit tight around the wrist, but that’s not a complaint. They actually did the job of keeping the wind, or anything else for that matter, from riding up our arms.

For $129 you can’t go wrong. You can easily wear this on or off the bike, and be comfortable and look good at the same time. Available for both men and women, this should be an easy add to your gear collection.