We breathe it, we spew it back out, yet how many of us have the ability to use it at will in our garage or shop? We’re, of course, talking about air — specifically air compressors. Some consider compressed air the fourth utility behind electricity, water, and natural gas.

Before you think you don’t spend enough time working on your bike to justify buying an air compressor, here’s a list of just a few things you can use it for courtesy of The Total Motorcycling Manual:

  • Change your bike’s grips – float the grip on a cushion of compressed air instead of knifing the crap out of it.
  • Clean your air filter – blow it clean from the inside out rather than blow it deeper into the crevices.
  • Dry your bike – blow the water off your bike after a good washing to prevent spotting and more wiping.
  • Dust off your gear – clean all of your boots, gloves, backpack and more after a good dirt bike ride.
  • Fill your tires – Duh! works for both tube-type tires and setting a bead on a tubeless tire.

Air compressors can range from small ones that start around $60 up to professional grade versions that run into the four figures. Get the one that fits your needs.

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