We’re going Italian on our favorite bike for this issue — the MV Augusta Brutale Dragster RR LH 44 – a special edition designed with input from F1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton, thus the LH designation.

MV Augusta’s have never been camera shy, but this in-line three monster screams off the page, waiting to be ridden and heard. The three-cylinder, 800 cc powered stallion will kick out a claimed 140 hp and produce 65 ft. lbs of torque. Keep in mind, this is a bike that only weighs about 370 pounds dry. The company lists a top speed of 153 mph with the rev limiter pegged at 13,200 rpm.

Granted you could get higher numbers off of some other bikes, but you may not look…or feel as good doing so.

The RR designation is new to MV Augusta triples, and is in line with the company’s attempts to make this a real redlight burner with more power than the previous MV Augusta Brutale Dragster. The LH tag mostly covers a generous allotment of carbon fiber parts like the exhaust and air box covers, the instrument panel spoiler, and the front and rear mudguards. There’s also a set of adjustable clip-ons that are unavailable on the Dragster RR.a4MV Augusta Brutal Dragster RR LH44guy on motorcycle rain

The LH will set you back a good $26,000, but you’ll own only one of 244 that will be made. If that kind of exclusivity is out of your budget, the Dragster RR comes in at about $19,700. Still more than a similar sized Duc, but possibly even more interesting in design.

Rumors continue to abound that Mercedes AMG may exercise its 25 percent stake in MV Augusta and take it over completely. Considering Mercedes’ rival Audi now owns Ducati, that kind of rumor may have some validity, and would put the two German car manufacturers fairly head to head in the motorcycle arena, as well.

Oh, to think what Harley Davidson could have done with this brand if they would have hung on to it.