Located on the Savannah River in a waterfront building that has seen its share of disasters – fires and tornadoes – and stored everything from cotton to furniture, the Boll Weevil is known for its eclectic menu – and homemade desserts. Its website says this about the name:

“Because two of our neighboring restaurants were named Cotton Row and The Cotton Patch, we decided to name our restaurant after the cotton-eating insect. In spite of the fact we opened in an industrial area on a dead end street and named our restaurant after a bug, we have survived for over 18 years.”

boll weevil


Dessert of course! While the lunch and dinner menus live up to the term eclectic – from jambalaya to an interesting sounding sandwich called the Jose (corned beef or turkey topped with purple cabbage slaw and jalapenos) – this place is known for its desserts. That includes 10 different cakes, eight different cheesecakes, and six different pies. We’ll have one of each!