Since snow isn’t all that conducive to dirt bike riding, and the white stuff is still falling in some parts of the country, we decided to confine our trail suggestion to a location in a warmer part of the country for now. This one is Aden Hills about 20 miles southwest of Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Full disclosure – we haven’t been there, but the idea of riding on an 8700 acre, come any time, no fees charged, open area of sand and hills sounds pretty grand. Plus, scrub brush, some jack rabbits and other critters that like this sort of thing.

Chances are there won’t be too many other riders out there, so keep a look out for your buddy flying through the chaparral just to your left.

Since you’re 20 miles from any known town, and there are no facilities here – including water, you’ll have to bring anything and everything you’d want to eat and drink for the time you’re there…and then some, just in case. So pack up and get ready to get dirty!