You see some guy riding with a facemask and you might wonder, “what’s up with that?” Well, if you’ve ever ridden with an open helmet and want to keep the smog from your lungs, bugs from your teeth, and general crap from hitting your face, that’s what’s up with a facemask. And, yes, they do make the wearer look like a badass.

There are a plethora of them out there, but the common problem is keeping them tight against your face and around your nose. The wind and velcro will do that, but a little help wouldn’t hurt. That’s where the Schampa face mask comes in. They’ve incorporated a piece into the top part of the mask that lets you conform it to your nose for a tighter fit. Just put the mask on using the velcro tabs in the back, press it around your nose — kind of like a breathe right strip — and you’re good to go. It fits with any helmet or with no helmet if you live in a state without a helmet law.

If you like choices, the Facefit system comes in two different styles. The I-Tie system basically works like it says — you tie it to make it fit the way you want. We used the Velcro system on a cool spring, pollen-filled day in California and were glad to have it. It fit snug against our face without being uncomfortable. For $14.95, that’s a small price to pay for a little comfort.

Below are some of the other patterns available. If you’re interested in the American Flag version in the main photo, you can order from Schampa directly by calling 408 899 6458. Main_Graphic_2016