Let’s face it, at some time in our riding lives we’re all going to take a spill. And if that spill doesn’t leave you incapacitated, you’re going to have to pick that bike up and you may have to do it on your own.

Of course, you could also find yourself having to do the same because your bike got knocked over in a parking lot by some ass clown in a car. Either way, considering bikes are heavy pieces of machinery, getting one right side up may seem impossible. But it’s not, providing you know the proper technique. Anyone seen the videos of an average sized woman picking up a big Harley? Those aren’t fake.

While we haven’t had to do this ourselves, we knew there had to be a good explanation of how to do it properly out there somewhere. One of the most comprehensive descriptions – complete with illustrations and a video – is on a site called Team Oregon that appears to specialize in motorcycle rider training.

We particularly like this statement in their words of caution: “If you needed to move a 350-pound refrigerator, would you think it through first? Or would you just run up, grab it and start wrestling it down the stairs? What if it was a 700-pound refrigerator?”

Check out the video to see how they get a big Honda upright.