Produced for only two years from 1975-77, the Honda CB400F (or Honda 400 Four as it is typically referred to) is definitely a rarity. A quick check online for any for sale and you’ll see what we mean. One or two out there and they’re not original.

While not a particularly fast bike, it did produce a respectable 37 hp and about 25 lb-ft of torque. It various tests at the time it was able to hit the ton as long as the rider wasn’t sitting upright.

What’s probably made this bike more attractive now is that in this age of big twins and fours, this small four looks downright exotic. The swooping four into one exhaust doesn’t hurt.

Honda sold around 105,000 of these bikes, and then replaced it with the two-cylinder CB400T. It would be 1989 before the company would bring back a small-displacement four-cylinder and that was the CB-1.

If you find a Honda 400 Four and aren’t sure if you can get it back to or keep it in original condition, check out David Silver Spares. It’s a UK-based company that specializes in parts for this bike.