We don’t think base layers get enough attention. Unless you’re an ADV rider or taking on a long distance excursion of some sort, they’re an after thought. Big mistake. So is choosing the wrong one.

We’ve tried a few different variations – everything from long underwear to bulky leggings and we’re here to tell you the Schampa Skinny Pants are now our favorite. Designed to keep you warm when it’s cool while wicking away moisture (aka, sweat) when the temperature rises, the Skinny Pants should be a consideration for anyone who rides.

A day long ride in temperatures ranging from the mid-50s to the mid-70s had us feeling comfortable the whole time. There was plenty of stretch and lots of flexibility, so we never once felt any restriction in movement or binding.

During the ride we also realized the Schampa Skinny Pants might have some other uses besides keeping our lower extremities comfortable while tooling around on a free wheeling Saturday. So we decided to see just how good the wicking claim was and wore them the next day on a hard hour long bicycle ride under a thin pair of sweat pants. Damn, if they didn’t do exactly what we expected them to do — kept our legs warm while wicking a sweaty buildup away from our skin.


The real test will be to see how the Skinny Pants stand up over time. But the triple stitching throughout and that gusseted crotch look like they could take a long term beating.

The Schampa Skinny Pants will set you back about $50.00, but considering all of its potential uses, that’s money well spent.