This article first ran earlier last year, but as we start getting closer to spring and warmer riding weather is settling in over more parts of the country…and the world…we thought it worth sharing this one about Motortourer once more.

While much of what we write about in Shop Talk focuses on riding tips, fix-it tricks and related, there’s also the whole issue of planning a trip that now requires some effort. Yeah, we know, you can still just pack up and hit the road and see what happens. Not a bad way to go. But given that there are more people out and about taking up space on roads, hotels, etc., planning continues to be a growing necessity if you want to actually enjoy that two-wheeled adventure.

There are a number of sites and apps out there that help with this. Motortourer is one of them. What makes them unique is that you can use it to plan for just about anywhere in the world. Need to find a hotel in a small town in Indiana? A couple of clicks will take you through to nearby establishments.

So maybe Europe, South America or Asia are more your speed. Same thing. Plug in your destination city, hit search and you’ll be taken to a list of hotels.

You can also use the site to search for routes others have ridden, find other groups in that area and, in some cases, places to eat. Keep in mind, the site was initially launched in Europe, so there’s more info for that area. But as more users come on board, the available information will continue to grow.

Once you’re on the road, you can also use Motortourer to blog about your trip and share/post pictures and video.

The other cool thing they recently added was the ability to use the site to set up club pages. As Ben de Boer, Motortourer Founder and CEO pointed out, “If you don’t want to spend money on expensive webpages or just have one person doing all the facebook posts, etc., then this is the way to go.”

There’s still plenty of ride season left, so if you’re planning one last trip, Motortourer might be worth checking out.