We first ran this last summer as California was in the middle of a long drought — call us hopeful! But with the winter starting to wane and the chances of riding in rain still pretty high, we thought it worth running this one again.

We’ll be the first to admit that we don’t like riding in rain. But the times we have gotten caught in it, we found ways to get through it and downright enjoy it. If you ride anywhere but the West Coast this time of year, your chances of getting wet are pretty damn high. And with a little more consideration when you ride, the damp stuff shouldn’t be used as an excuse to cage it — unless tornadoes, hurricanes and monsoons are part of the expected weather pattern.

Here are some quick tips to get you through it more safely:

– Easy on and off the brakes; same with the throttle. Sudden stops and starts on wet surfaces are a good way to introduce your bike to the pavement.

– Be more conservative when going into a corner; pretend you’ve got your Great Aunt Sally as a passenger.

– Keep your brakes dry; drag them lightly every three or four miles. This heats them up and drives the water out.

– Short shift at low speeds and rev it higher on freeways. Short shifting keeps the wheel from spinning at low speeds and higher revs on the freeway lets you use compression braking to more gently slow the bike down.

– Wear a full-face helmet…unless you want to feel like someone was shooting dry rice at your face all day.

– Finally, buy good rain gear and have it handy. Just because your bike is getting wet, doesn’t mean you have to.

Thanks to The Total Motorcycling Manual for this issue’s Shop Talk tip.