In case you were under a rock the past week, you might have missed that Victory finally unveiled the new Octane. This is a bike that has been hinted at ever since last summer when they raced a version resembling this up Pike’s Peak and unveiled a custom concept at EICMA this winter.

Taking what is obviously the 60 degree V-twin, water-cooled engine powering the Indian Scout and Scout 60, Victory created a hot rod that will let you burn rubber without burning a hole in your bank account. For less than 11 g’s you get a cruiser that will hit 60 in a claimed four seconds, run the quarter mile in 12, and kick out 103 horsies while it’s at it. About the only stock bike in the cruiser category with a roughly similar sized 1200 cc engine that will do better is the Ducati Diavel. But that’s an unfair comparison because the Duc at 463 lbs is about 100 lbs lighter and $8,000 more expensive.


Victory began positioning itself as a performance brand several years ago, and has made good on that with cruisers and baggers that come stock with a 106 engine, its entre into NHRA racing, fielding an electric bike in the Isle of Man, and its aforementioned involvement with the Pike’s Peak event. The Octane solidifies that position further with a bike whose angularity screams touch me and I’ll hurt you!

An 18-engine wheel up front and 17 in the back are home to plenty of rubber, and oversized 298 mm disc brakes (dual in the front and single in the back), along with standard ABS will bring the Octane to a stop. And with a 32 degree lean angle, you might want to order up a set of spare footpegs because we can’t imagine not dragging a peg at least a few times in the twisties.

Victory has released the Octane with a minimal set of accessories. For an extra $2000, you can get a performance package that includes a Stage 1 slip-on exhaust, adjustable rear piggyback shocks, tachometer with shift light, drag bars, and a rotor kit. That bullet race cowl comes standard…so will the grins.

We’ve ridden the Indian Scout and the Scout 60, and both are super-quick torque monsters. If Victory did what it claims with that engine in the Octane, this will be the hot rod that other bikes will aspire to.

Check out the video to see the Octane in action – wheelies, drifting – a sportbike in a cruiser body!

All photos and video courtesy of Victory Motorcycles.