We’ll be the first to admit that we’re not keen on wearing a brand of apparel tied to a particular manufacturer. When you’re shelling out thousands of dollars to ride one of their machines, they kinda should be paying you to wear their stuff! But we get the whole brand loyalty thing, and some companies do a better job of designing apparel than others.

For sheer style, Ducati has everyone else beat. They’re freakin’ Italian so they should. For absolute lack of diversity, buy Harley. It will never go out of style because it will never look different than something new five years from now. For diversity, we’re gunnin’ for Triumph.

The UK company continues to branch out their product line into either entirely new types of bikes – their adventure line for instance – or improvements in old standbys like the totally upgraded Bonnevilles. Their gear line has followed suit. A quick review of their clothing site and a scroll down the menu indicates seven or eight different collections. Some of which are just graphic T’s, others are the full line up of jackets, pants, etc.

Yes, manufacturer apparel is rarely less expensive than what you can buy elsewhere, but sometimes you just want to show the world what you own. Riding a Triumph and wearing their gear is never going to be an embarrassment.

Of course, you don’t have to own a Triumph to buy their gear. But imagine driving a Ford wearing a Chevy T-shirt. Like that’s going to go over well!