So there are all kind of tips on how to ride a bike, but what about how to be a passenger on a bike. Mostly, it’s been boiled down to “get on and hold on” to “get on but don’t move.” Neither of which are of much help.

Here are few tips that could be useful:

Gear up — While it’s sexy, guys shouldn’t have their girl friends, spouses or significant others wearing less than they are as a passenger. How many times have we seen some guy in full leathers riding with a girl on the back in a tank top and shorts?

Proper footing — once a passenger is on the bike, tell them to keep their feet on the pegs and off of the exhaust!

Mount from the left — just like a horse, and the rider gets on first. It’s a balance thing. You’re sitting on the bike, kickstand up, and your passenger tries to get on and it throws everything off. Big problem!

Hangin’ on – decide ahead of time how you want your passenger to hang on if you don’t have a backrest or grab rails. The choice then is limited — hug you from behind or hands on your hips. If you’re riding with your sweetie, the hug works just fine.

Lean in — while sitting still might seem like the best advice, it’s unnatural after awhile. Ideally, you want your rider to lean with you. Tell them to keep their helmet in line with yours  and if you’re leaning into the turns correctly, there shouldn’t be a problem.

NO Headbanging! — tell your passenger to try to anticipate when your breaking to keep their helmet from banging in to yours. And make it really clear that this is not an acceptable way to get your attention.

Get comfortable – before you even get a passenger on your bike, make it really clear that if they’re the least bit uncomfortable about the ride, then it’s okay to sit this one out. Better to have no passenger than a poor one. It’s just not worth it.