While you have to look hard and drive long to find enough ice to ride on, most of the upper midwest and northeast doesn’t have that problem. Especially after this recent storm Jonas. So we were wondering, how do you take a perfectly good dirt bike and turn it into a beast that can tame if not at least take advantage of some good ol’ fashioned winter spills and thrills.

Seems like the solution isn’t really that difficult. The key is to start with a good set of knobby tires. We won’t even go into brands here since tires are like oil – everyone has an opinion and there is no final answer. From here you get a couple of bags of ice screws from your favorite ATV or motorcycle dealer, grab your cordless drill and start plugging those little puppies in place.

As with all things, there is also a simpler solution. It’s called buying ice tires already made with the screws in them – Fredette Racing Products is one source and they’ll cost you between $270-390 for a pair of front and rear. You can also hunt around online for a pair someone else spent the time to prep but isn’t using.

Tire wraps to cover the screws so they don’t carve into your garage floor…or your hand…are a necessity when your bike’s not on the ice.

Some riders start with motocross bikes instead then lower the suspension and install hard plastic ice fenders. Seems like too much work for a lot more play, but having never done this before who are we to talk?!

But the key does seem to be the tires, and making sure you have a bike with enough power to really grind through the ice and large ovals you might be lucky enough to find on water sources larger than a pond.

We just added this to our bucket list!