Years ago we were riding down Highway 1 in California, and while we were gassing up an old guy comes up and starts talking motorcycles with us. Turns out he was a retired member of the motorcycle unit of the California Highway Patrol. During that time he said he’d ridden a bunch of different bikes – Harleys, Kawasakis, Beemers and even Moto Guzzis. Given the miles he put on all of those bikes over a 30 year period we had to ask him which he preferred. Hands down the Guzzi.

That’s right HOG chapter members, Beemer lovers and whatever you call Kawi fans, the Italian was an All-American favorite. So we decided to follow suit with this issue’s Favorite Bikes.

While never reaching the status of Ducati, this other Italian brand has still had its loyal following and is bound to up that base with the recent intro of its 2016 V9 series which includes the Bobber and the Roamer. Both are powered by the new 850 cc twin cylinder engine kicking out a max of 55 hp at 6250 rpm and linked to a six-speed transmission. With a dry weight of around 440 lbs, that’s a pretty decent power to weight ratio for a mid-sized cruiser.

Keep in mind Yamaha’s best selling Bolt, which these two Guzzis will compete against, is 100 lbs heavier, but has about 90 some ccs more engine displacement. The numbers fall apart a bit though with the Bolt, at a rated 46 hp, kicking out a bit less power.

Pricing has not yet been set, but we can imagine there will be more than enough fans plopping down some money to hold one once they’re formally on the market next year.