We got a little nostalgic for summer, but since winter is technically not even here yet, we decided to check out an area where summer is just around the corner — Australia. We’ve got this country on our bucket list and everyone we know who’s been confirms that it is worth the trip. Since the country is known for both it’s coastal areas and inland outback, we decided to just kind of point and find one of the latter that looked like great place to kick up some dirt. We present to you Glen Echo Park — a privately owned area of about 800-plus acres about 140 miles north of Brisbane and about 50 miles inland from the coast.

It’ll cost adults $30 Australian to get in with varying prices below age 14. There are dedicated areas for motocross area, enduro, and kids and novices. Weekend campsites are also available.

Take a look at some of the photos and we think you’ll wish you could head down under now. There’s time, it opens for the season on December 19.