So Texas is getting hit with one rain storm after another, which means maybe it’s not the best place to ride right now — it’s not a soft rain! But that rain’s going to clear off soon, and this big state will have more than enough to offer anyone ready to get out and ride. In the spring, the Texas hill country brightens up with miles and miles of blue bonnets (shown above).

We’ve featured a few routes in Texas before, but in keeping with our new focus on providing a state-by-state look instead, we turned once again to Motorcycle Roads for an overview of the Lonestar State. As the brief description on the site points out, this is a state with over with “over 260,000 square miles of territory, altitudes ranging from sea level to 8,749 feet, and an incredible 624 miles of Gulf of Mexico shoreline.” The only other states with even more diversity are probably California, Oregon and Washington.

With names like Comanche Trail, Pineywoods Twister, and Possom Kingdom Lake Ride, we’d be hard-pressed to wait for the weather to clear to get on our scoot and check them all out.