Rather than put together a gift guide based on some items we haven’t a clue about it, we decided to dip into our past gear reviews and present a few pieces we think would make great gifts and keep you covered head to toe.








Gasolina Boots – these semi-custom made boots provide all of the support, protection and looks you need for about what you’d pay for a quality boot off the shelf. We prefer the classic (shown), but Gasolina has another eight styles to choose from with the option of picking your own color of leather. You’ll pay $229.00 and up depending on the style and color choice.















Bull-It Carbon Hoodie – no, the name doesn’t mean this jacket is made of carbon, but it might as well be. The critical fiber is Covec a material that gives this jacket about the same abrasion and heat resistance as leather, but without the bulk. In mild to even cool temperatures, this jacket has become our go-to piece. It comes with protective gear in the elbows, shoulders and back, and the hoodie snaps off if you don’t want to use it. This one runs just under $280.









Bull-it SR-6 Carbon Jeans – we’re not shills for Bull-it, it’s just that their products are pretty hard to beat. Offering the same protection as their Carbon Hoodie, the Bull-it SR-6 jeans also have optional pads for the knees and hips. Expect to pay about $200.










TORC helmets – everyone has their own opinion about helmets. We don’t know anyone who loves them, but if you live in a state where you have to wear them, you might as well make a statement. The TORC helmets offer good protection, plenty of internal padding and several different paint and graphic schemes. We’re partial to their Route 66 collection which runs about $100.










Olympia Gore-Tex Rain or Shine gloves – you’ve got to keep the hands warm and dry, and these gloves do the trick. While you’ll probably want a winter glove for really cold weather riding, these gloves will keep the digits protected in at least three seasons. They list for just under $100.