We originally ran this review soon after we launched in October 2014. Since then we had several fellow riders order from Gasolina, so we thought it worth rerunning this, especially with the holidays coming up!

When most people hear “custom,” they think expensive. While expensive can be relative, we think a semi-custom riding boot for around $300 is a deal. And these Gasolina Classic boots are that and more. We’ve ridden with in cold, rain and desert summers and never once wondered why the hell we bought them. Granted, they can run a bit steamy in a 100-plus weather, but what doesn’t.

The ability to send in your foot size and width and your calf-size is where the custom comes in. What you get is a fully leather boot – inside and out, hardware that won’t rust or stick, and a soft grippy sole that lets you get off your bike and walk around without looking like you’ve got a rod where the sun don’t shine. You can wear them with your jeans tucked into the boot or over.

Gasolina makes five different styles and a few different types of leather jackets. Don’t expect to get them fast though. They’re mostly handmade so expect about three weeks from the day you order until they arrive. So if you’re thinking about ordering for the holidays, better get crackin’!