Staying with the first letter of the alphabet, we decided to continue our state-by-state rundown of routes by moving to Alabama. Besides, Alaska has since left the prime riding season, and Arizona temps might still in the 90s in the deserts.

The South, in general, may often be categorized as generally devoid of varied riding terrain – outside of the Dragon – but that’s a gross generality confined to those who don’t live there, have never been there, or who have never ventured off the freeways anywhere near there. One look at some of the Alabama routes and you’ll see that what the routes lack in length, they make up for in diversity, scenery and history.

There’s the Civil Rights Museum Trail, the Civil War Trail, the Native American Trail, and the Covered Bridge Trail. Any given trail may feature rolling hills, occasional twisties and lush forests – now in full Fall foliage. One route even take you along a small stretch of the Gulf coastline on into Mississippi.

But don’t take our word for it, go check out a ride in Alabama for yourself.