The infamous Paula Deen named Saw’s Barbecue one of the 10 best barbecue joints in the U.S., and Garden and Gun named it one of the best burger joints in the south. Sounds like they’re in good company. 

The folks at Saw’s keep their menu simple – plates featuring pulled pork, chicken, sausage and ribs; and sandwiches featuring pulled pork or chicken. The only thing that gets a little more “complicated” is a list of eight different “Stuffed Taters” that sound like a dinner unto themselves. Like one simply called Pork that features a baked potato stuffed with pork, green onion, bacon and covered in barbecue sauce. 

Saw’s has three locations in the Birmingham area, but evidently the locations are all fairly small, and there’s typically a line during the busiest times of the day. That’s always a sign that the food is worth the wait.