Some bike manufacturers enjoy a higher degree of envy than others. There probably aren’t too many current or past riders who didn’t at one point jones for a Harley. Even if they won’t admit it. We have! But there’s something about a Ducati that elicits an even more visceral feel of “I want that!” regardless of what the model.

That’s certainly the case of the Ducati Diavel. Broad shouldered and as mean looking as an Italian bull, the Diavel has cried out to be ridden but not tamed. It literally looks like a bike that will take you for a ride, return you in one piece, but more than likely a changed man…or woman.

The specs haven’t changed much since from day one it’s been consistently powered by a slightly detuned 1198 engine found in Ducati superbikes. In this case, it kicks out a claimed 162 hp and 96.3 ft. lbs of torque with a wet weight of 527 lbs. They also tried to make it more long distance friendly a couple of years ago by introducing a model that could be set up with bags and a taller windscreen. But try as they might to broaden its appeal, the Diavel has always been an Italian hot rod.

The rumor is that Ducati may be streamlining the design of the next iteration of the Diavel; perhaps narrowing those broad shoulders. As long as it still performs the same or better, we’ll take this bull by the horns any day.