Since it’s unseasonably warm in just about every part of the country other than the upper Great Lakes region, we decided to just drop a finger on the map and serve up a statewide helping of possible routes for you to ride. We landed on Arkansas.

Probably not a state you’d immediately equate with great routes, but every state is unique and so’s every rider. Since Arkansas has the Ozarks, and the Ozarks are mountains, and mountains have twisties, the state can’t be all bad. With nearly 30 routes bearing names like Toad Suck Run, From Paris and Havana, and The Arkansas Dragon, we can only surmise one of two things – Arkansas riders have a sense of humor and/or the routes there are worth the effort to name them.

Keep in mind, most of these rides on their own aren’t going to have you racking up a lot of miles. But string a few together and you’ll get in the miles and the scenery.

Photo courtesy of Ozark Living