One of the problems cagers have with following behind motorcycles is being caught off guard when a rider rolls off the throttle, engine brakes or downshifts. It’s essentially the equivalent of braking without a brake light to indicate that’s what you’re doing. (And let’s be honest, how many trucks with manual transmission have any of us ridden behind where the same thing happens when they down shift and there’s not much indication that’s what’s going on.) Gear Brake solves that problem.

It automatically senses when you slow your bike down, and activates a two-second pulse through your brake light that turns solid and stays that way until you release the brake.

Installation kits are available for most models, and the company can make custom plug-and-play harnesses upon request. There are videos on the site to show installation and fitment, so just about any DIYer can figure out how to install the Gear Brake module themselves.

The smart brake module starts at $69.95 — a small price to pay for increased safety.

Check out this video for more details.