Living in Northern California means we are within a long day ride to Oregon. Another half day or more and you’re well into Washington state. They’ve had their share of drought there, too, so the good news is that for the next couple of months, there’s plenty of good riding weather left before the predicted El Nino hits late this Fall.

State Route 20 (Memorial Highway near Seattle then North Cascades Highway east of Seattle) takes you across the upper part of the state and then merges with State Route 97 just south of the small town of Okanogan. If you want to ride the full length, start on Whidbey Island in Clinton across the Puget Sound from the mainland. Ride north through all the way to Fidalgo Island. Stay on the 20 across I-5 where you’ll go through Burlington before heading out into mostly open highway.

The entire 250 some miles will give you a good mix of twisties and sweepers, mountain passes, rain forests and temperature changes of 30 degrees or more. Bring layers.

Here’s what one rider posted on “The curves never cease, and the fun factor is off the scales. You owe it to yourself to ride this road at least once in your life.”

Added to the list!