Our good friend at ProRiders Marketing – Joe Distefano – was able to hook us up with the folks at Gustafsson Plastics, makers of windshields for all manner of bikes and even sidecars. They kindly sent us a 13″ Light Smoke Gray Euroflip to fit on a 2012 Victory Cross Country.

The stock windshield on this bike wasn’t known for its ability to prevent wind buffet, and the 11″ Klock Werks flare one we replaced it with at the time of purchase was only slightly better. But there was still too much wind coming off the top of that windshield and arriving just below the lip of the helmet. A real bitch on the eyes if you like to ride with a half or 3/4 helmet and you’re doing more than going down to the store or local bar.

A taller windshield still seemed like overkill. But when we had the opportunity to get one from Gustaffson we thought ‘what the hell, let’s see if it does the trick.’ It did.

After installing the Gustafsson, we took the Vic out for a four ride of mixed freeway, canyons and surface streets, and the lack of wind buffet was noticeable. And very little fatigue at the end of the day – despite riding in 85-95 degree weather and often in heavy traffic. And the light gray smoke tint helped cut down on the glare that the clear Klock Werks flare windshield served up on sunny days.

The one thing the Gustaffson had in common with the Klock Werks windshield was the ease of replacement. Undo the four screws that secure the shield to the two mounts; gently pull the old windshield up and away from the mounts; then carefully slide the new windshield in place and put the screws back in and tighten according to the directions.

Gustaffson doesn’t have the name recognition of a Klock Werks, Memphis Shades or National Cycle, but they have a product that will stack up to any of them. And at $199, it’s well worth the money.